Corporate Philosophy

In April 2006 we were the first company in the preservation sector to successfully implement the quality management system pursuant to DIN EN ISO 9001.

We are pleased to announce that we passed our second recertification inspection in February 2012, and as a result, our clients can continue to expect preservation services of the highest quality at ZFB.

And as a result, our clients can continue to expect preservation services of the highest quality at ZFB. We have committed ourselves to meet the highest standards regarding preservation with demonstrable and measurable quality standards. Through continual research & development, responsible use of resources, and employees who are environmentally conscious in their actions both inside and outside the company, we develop new technologies to serve innovative preservation.

In terms of the advancement of women, we have committed ourselves to equal opportunity as a fundamental principle for our company’s overall employment policy.

Restoration and conservation services from a single source for libraries, archives and museums stands as our corporate philosophy.

With customized and customer-oriented solutions for paper-based collections, we are actively shaping the future of innovative preservation.

Our principles

  • All restoration and conservation services from a single source
  • Individual, customer-oriented solutions
  • Optimal treatment using innovative technology
  • Centre of excellence for the highest quality in mass treatment
  • Make quality provable and measurable
  • Global market leader in technology
  • Manufacture of our plant technology and global marketing
  • Corporate culture based on ethical principles

Our objectives

  • 100%customer satisfaction
  • 100% adherence to schedule
  • Compliance with legal obligations, internal regulations and other requirements
  • A policy based on open communication and access to information
  • Partnership-based relationships with our suppliers
  • Conformity of our management system with the international rules and standards of DIN EN ISO 9001
  • Continual improvement of our processes, products, and management system through on-going innovation
  • Competent, motivated and satisfied employees
  • Assurance of our company’s business success
  • Long-term assurance of jobs
  • Responsible handling of resources
  • Extensive avoidance of emissions and waste
  • Use of recyclable materials
  • Ecological awareness among employees both inside and outside the company
  • Adherence to all valid requirements for protecting the environment